I live in a procrastination

I sit here at the computer looking up old, self-indulgent articles by Elizabeth Wurtzel, and I don’t feel like I’m procrastinating.  That is, I totally am procrastinating, bugged with the feeling that I have a TON to accomplish, but I have no idea what those things are.

It’s like an itch in my brain that is constantly nagging, but I can’t get at it.

I try; I swear I try.  I write down to-do lists almost daily, but it’s like they evaporate as soon as I save them in Notepad.  I have this dreadful anxiety about the Things. That. Must. Get. Done. NOW.  But I have no real concept of what those things ARE.

So, I go to lunch.  I read books I’ve read a thousand times.  I watch Judge Judy.  And I drive myself just a leetle bit crazy.