Acting, a Plan

Making a plan can help you take control of a seemingly uncontrollable situation (say, oh I don’t know, your acting career).  At the very least, creating a plan can help you feel like you’re taking control, which is, frankly, good enough in this life.

Acting, of course, is not like most other careers.  There is no obvious line that you can follow straight into middle management.  It’s more like a hansel-and-gretel-esque breadcrumb-finding trek through dark, treacherous woods.  So, it’s good to make a map, even if you are only guessing at the course.

My latest “map” is simple:

  • Write 3 hours a day, and get my writing packet together.
  • Get new headshots, and do a mailing for theatrical agents.
  • Finish my reels.
  • Complete Sparklepuss projects.
  • Bicycle daily.

Hold me to it, folks!