Nick Jonas, You Devil

My random celebrity sightings on this blog are Los Angeles-based, but celebrities are allowed anywhere (yes, it’s true!).  Even Disney World.

Specifically Animal Kingdom.  I was waiting for my husband and niece to come off Expedition Everest (I’m not a roller coaster fan) when I decided to finish a root beer float by the small body of water next to the ride.  I immediately noticed a heavily made up, beskirted young blonde clutching a Prada bag and arguing ( in an Australian accent) with someone on the phone.  The conversation was loud and funny, so I, of course, eavesdropped.  I almost didn’t notice the cherubic, patient man sitting on the steps nearby.

Yes, tweens, it was Nick Jonas.

Nick Jonas

Those tennies are white, yo.

The girl, of course, was his sweetheart (ironic!) Delta Goodrem, a star in her native Australia.  The hulking black dude with him?  I’m pretty sure it was his dad.