It’s the middle of January, and the Christmas tree is still up, which is pretty indicative of how I have not attacked the new year, so much as I have drifted into it.  Unfortunately, floating into 2012 as a sort of amorphous improv blob is not exactly going to do wonders for my career.

I spent the last couple of days reading Save the Cat (thanks Nicole!), an amazing book on mainstream screenwriting, and it has been incredibly inspirational.  I’ve been stuck on my screenplay for, gee, months now, letting it languish unfinished on my computer, a black-comedy orphan.  But the book has given me direction, and I’m excited to restart the writing process.  Let’s just hope I actually do and not just talk about it.

…Which brings me to the crux of my problem.  This past year, it seemed the worse things got career-wise, the less I was doing for it.  I preferred sitting in the garage rather than spinning my wheels.  At least the garage was comfortable (had it wired for the internet).  But what I love most about January is the promise of a fresh start.  It’s not necessarily an actual new start, of course, but mentally, the new year allows me to shake off the shackles of the previous one.  I want to stop being mostly talk and start being mostly action.  It’s time to grab the steering wheel and drive my own life.  I’m looking forward to hitting the road.  Car.