Leave Lindsay Alone

I admit it.  I’ve had a soft spot for Ms. Lohan ever since she bared her freckly decolletage in Mean Girls.  And because of this, I’ve defended her:  from her skinny-Rachel-Zoe days to her dabbling in lesbionics to now, this latest “scandale.”  (You’re welcome, Lindsay.)

TMZ has released audio in which Lindsay has a “tantrum” on the set of the Brett Easton Ellis schlockfest The Canyons.  “Tantrum” in quotes because she sounded less out of control and more b*tchy and passive aggressive.  In the audio, she gets annoyed at James Deen (ugh), her costar, and tells him to “do his f**king job.”  But she, like, doesn’t even yell it; she just gets catty.  And I get it, I get her attitude because starring opposite a porn star in a movie must suck.  They have years of bad habits, bad acting, and no craft, which is evident from the NYT’s piece that went viral yesterday.  Going from Meryl Streep to James Deen (again, ugh, the name) has got to be a slap in the face.

Of course, Lindsay put herself there, which might be another reason she was so prickly on the tape.  Looking into the face of James Deen must be like gazing into her nicotine-stained soul.  Every mistake, every jail sentence, every line of coke is written on the visage of a guy who hits, chokes, and bangs women for a living.  And legitimacy must seem very far away.

Good luck, Lindsay.  You need it.