America, I <3 U, but Ur Bringing Me Down

The government spends billions of dollars to fight against the nebulous “terrorism,” which is a statistically tiny threat, yet they turn their heads as people die every day from poverty, heart disease, cancer, suicide, and murder. They allow our cities to go bankrupt, our schools to fall apart, our roads to be in shambles, our bankers to steal our money, our healthcare to decline, our citizens to be homeless, our retirement savings to disappear, our workers to earn poverty-level wages, our children to be hungry, our leisure time to be non-existent, our CEOs to fly with golden parachutes, our American people to be tread upon.

Terrorism is a boogie man. The real enemy is the unchecked, indifferent rich. It is the corporation masking as the government for the people, by the people. It is unquestioned capitalism. It is the man standing at the podium, one hand waving an American flag, the other clutching the truncheon.