Penguins Are the Coolest, Man

I have this app on my iPad where I can watch hundreds of different security cameras and webcams all around the world. I swear it’s not for stalking people.  Ah, c’mon!  I SWEAR!

Anyway, the other night I was watching the penguin area of a zoo somewhere in Asia. The zookeeper placed a bunch of green mats on the stone. As soon as she did, a bunch of penguins wandered over to the green mats and began slowly flapping their wings behind them.

So, what are the mats for, and why did the penguins seem to love them so? Are they for drying-off purposes? Were the penguins trained to go on them, or was it instinctual? Did I just write this so I’d have an excuse to post a picture of penguins because they are super awesome?

Penguin Cam