2013 Movie Addendum

Since I posted my top 2013 movies, I’ve seen a few more, including Oscar-nominated fare.  I’ll add my thoughts here as I continue my journey to see the best o’ the best…

[Also, there are some movies I’ll probably never see, at least, not unless I am forced to by terrorists or the bad guys from Mystery Science Theater 3000: 12 Years a Slave (too heavy), Gravity (too much gravitas), Captain Phillips (too pirate-y).]

Guilt Trip

If you like Barbra (do I have to say Barbra who?), you’ll like this.  Just really cute. I’d put it just above Now You See Me.

Frances Ha

I honestly have no idea why they filmed this in black and white, except that it SCREAMS indie.  Greta Gerwig is bafflingly overrated.  It’s like she’s practiced Meisner with absolutely no emotional connection.   Overall, this film fits somewhere between The Purge (17) and Kill Your Darlings (16) for me.  Watch for yourself on Netflix.

August: Osage County

If it weren’t for the Pulitzer cred and rock-’em, sock-’em acting, this would have been written off as pure melodrama (still not sure that it isn’t, quite frankly).  Chris Cooper’s performance was shockingly ignored.  I’d place it between Now You See Me (14) and The Iceman (13).  It was so… leaden.

Dallas Buyers Club

Why aggravate my nerve compression with unnecessary typing?  Bottom line:  It was great.  I’d love to see it, Catching Fire, and Wolf again because those three are neck and neck.  McConaughey and Leto were incredible.  See it. Now.