The Power of Comedy

My friend John Mark generously invited Sparklepuss (represent!) to Variety’s Power of Comedy charity event benefiting the Noreen Fraser Foundation and honoring Jimmy Kimmel.

varietypowerofcomedyI’ve never been to one of these chi-chi events, and it was pretty incredible. I walked into the pre-party right behind Camryn Manheim and Marcia Gay Harden and was immediately struck by the presence of Kimmel and Adam Carolla in the packed club. Other celebs (some presenting and performing) included Paul Scheer, Kevin Nealon, David Spade, Adam Scott (swoon!), Aziz Ansari, Will Arnett (double swoon!) and Joel McHale (swoonswoonswoon).  The show was super fun (hosted by Comedy Central roastmaster Jeff Ross), and Jimmy Kimmel sang Neil Diamond upon receipt of his award.

After, we hit the VIP after-party and danced like buffoons.  Only a couple celebs came, staying a perfunctory amount of time.  Regardless, it was a tremendous time.  I’m constantly overcome with the opportunities I receive in LA.  Life is weird and wonderful.